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Working with Geelong business Batman Management Group, we developed a brand to unite the collective of West End traders and to drive tourism and businesses to Geelong’s West End Precinct.

The brand talks to West End’s story of old and new. Combining a landscape rich in heritage with a modern outlook. The West End offers an abundance of unique experiences.

A brand story, tagline and key messaging were developed with a distinctive tone exuding pride for the local’s sense of place.

A monogram was created to distil the West End brand into a single graphic, the chiselled monogram is a contemporary take on historical signage found forever etched into building facades across Geelong.


Inspired by signage, branding and buildings of Geelong’s past and present, a series of supporting graphics were created to showcase West End experiences.

The graphics share stories of legends from our past. The ones who shaped these buildings, anchoring the way for new stories to be told.

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