We’re a free-thinking brand and creative studio.


Grit is built on hard work, perseverance and an ability to adapt for any project.

We’re often collaborating with other creative specialists; designers, content producers, illustrators, video producers and animators, photographers and digital experts to overcome our client’s challenges.

We are small, but in no way incapable.


What we offer

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Experience

There is no ‘house style’ at Grit. We take the time to understand our clients and their needs. We challenge to deliver outcomes that are unique to our clients in the physical or digital space.

We fail forward and believe in persevering and always learning to create exceptional work that we’re all proud of. Every new task and project is an opportunity to think bigger and better.

There is no bias towards big or small clients – we believe great creative is not exclusive and should be accessible to businesses of any size.

We focus on one thing: delivering creative that works.


Our expertise

Whatever your project,
we’d love to hear from you.

hey@studiogrit.com.au   +61 408 13 0088